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Advanced Reporting Tools

Unlock richer insights with modern, advanced reporting tools for your ERP system by Jet Global.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions with Jet Global Solutions

Create high-impact reports from data in your ERP system, within Excel and without relying on IT. Jet Global (previously known as Jet Reports Inc.) develops a range of Microsoft-certified advanced reporting tools designed for Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, such as Business Central.

As the Top Jet Global Partner in Asia, we'll help you set it up and train your users, when you invest in Jet Global solutions - including Jet Reports and Jet Analytics - through us.

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Works Entirely within Excel

Design and build reports - no programming knowledge needed. Jet Reports works like an Excel add-in. Use drag-and-drop tools, combine multiple tables for slicing and dicing, and more.

Rapid Time-to-Value and ROI 

Get started fast with pre-built data cubes and data warehouse dashboards you can share within minutes, or choose from an extensive library of templates and sample reports. 

Gain Insights On-the-Move

Schedule reports to be run, access dashboards and reports anytime, anywhere, view reports in Excel Online, plus share them with your colleagues using the integrated web portal.

Go Further with Business Intelligence

Discover hidden trends in your data and turn it into actionable, analysable insights with even more advanced solutions like Jet Analytics, or Power BI, Microsoft's business intelligence solution.

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