LYNQ Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Automate & optimize your factory operational performance with LYNQ's MES solution - a web based software that integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One ERP system. 

What is LYNQ MES?

 LYNQ MES is an integrated all-in-one manufacturing solution that aims to optimize your factory workflow and performance. It can help you plan, track, automate, analyze and optimize factories to increase your efficiency, productivity & profitability.

In addition, LYNQ manufacturing operations management solution can be integrated easily with your SAP Business One ERP system. This means smarter resources allocation & improved visibility with real time data for better decision making and problem-solving.

Better Plan & Manage Your Resources

With LYNQ’s comprehensive advanced, finite capacity based, planning and scheduling (APS), you can better schedule and manage your resources with minimal downtime.

By creating production plans that consider constraints around machines, tooling, personnel and inventory, you'll be able to make smarter resources allocation and streamline deliveries to your customers.


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Real Time Data Tracking & Collection

LYNQ's shop floor data collection capability (SFDC) enables you to collect & track real time data from your employees & equipment - with the option to digitalize and automatically connect your machines to read data without manual inputs. 

With improved visibility from real time performance tracking, you'll be able to actively rectify & address potential hiccups before they even occur. 


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Automate Data Capture From Machines & Devices

Digitalize your factory with automatic and semi-automatic data collection for improved visibility. 

LYNQ's MES provides a comprehensive breakdown of your industrial devices/ equipment status & usage so that you could better manage your workforce & factory for optimal productivity. 


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Perform Factory Analysis With Loss Visualization

Conduct detailed performance analysis of your employees or equipment with comparisons to previous month or quarter to understand trends. You could also perform quality output analysis for your products to address any quality control concerns. 


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Optimize Your Workflows 

Streamline your factory workflow and processes by going paperless in your document management.

Receive performance management alerts & instant messaging to improve productivity and communication across your team. 

Best of all - it's accessible anywhere, anytime & can be sync across devices to provide you real time updates of your factory performance on the go.

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