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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

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Run Your Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Business Better

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical businesses face strict industry regulations that can make it harder to focus on their bottom line and growing their business.

To stay competitive, healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses need to: streamline consignment management; gain end-to-end, multi-location visibility over inventory; simplify warranty and service management; and gain better control over production processes.

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AFON's Solutions for Your Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Business

Our clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry have gained better control of their inventory, delighted their customers with improved service management, simplified the consignment process, and more with our ERP deployments and integrations. Our healthcare & pharmaceutical solutions include:

Enhanced Inventory Control & Traceability

Get complete traceability of your stock. Track by batch, expiry date, serial number, etc. across multiple locations. Quickly create reports showing source and destination.

Streamlined Consignment Processes

Gain visibility into your stock across multiple customer locations. Easily bill customers and manage consignment notes all from one place.

Enhanced Service Management

Simplify and accelerate service management to keep your customers satisfied. Automate warranty registration and tracking, case management, etc.

Boosted Control over Production & Assembly

Quickly and accurately track production status, optimise production processes with multi-level bills of materials (BOMs), and easily refine production plans when needed.

Create & Customise Reports Easily

Generate reports quickly and gain insights into the performance of your business, in the way you prefer. Also get standard reports like sales per product category, per client, etc.

Optimise Your Sales Strategies

Receive intelligent guidance on selling better. Unlock new trends you can act on, understand which opportunities you should pursue, know when to up-sell, suggest items based on order history etc.

Case Studies

Learn how businesses benefit from ERP: boosted efficiency, revenue gains, and more.

Free Resources to Help You Make Smarter Businesss Decisions

Learn how industry peers benefit from ERP. Choose from a free collection of eBooks, case studies, videos, and more.