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Non-Profit Organisations 

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How Non-Profits Can Simplify Compliance

Non-Profit Organisations face stringent compliance requirements more than most ordinary organisations. They're accountable not just to stakeholders, donors, and the Government, but to the public too. 

To stay compliant without overstretching their limited resources, non-profit organisations need to overcome these challenges: repetitive data entry, out-of-sync spreadsheets, manual fixed assets management, poor visibility over funds and donors, and tedious budgeting in Excel.

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Solutions for Non-Profit Organisations

At AFON, we've helped several non-profit organisations improve their financial management, keep their bottom line healthy, and streamline compliance. Solutions for your non-profit organisation include:

Robust Donor Management

Keep track of donors and donations in one place. Easily create financial reports showing them the impact of their contributions to engage them. 

Simplified Fixed Assets Management

Standardise depreciation policies, monitor maintenance costs, set up asset budgets, and easily create reports on metrics like asset depreciation. 

Improved Visibility Over Funds

With an ERP system, you've the assurance of a clear audit trail of your funds' ins and outs. All transactions and their documents are stored in one central place.

Accurate, Multi-Level Budgeting

Create accurate budgets based on a single version of financial data, downwards to single departments and campaigns. No more working off multiple spreadsheets. 

Streamlined Reporting Process

Meet reporting requirements without adding to the data entry workload. Quickly generate key reports including income & expenditure, cash flow, etc.

Robust Expense Management

Connect your ERP with your own expense management solutions, or get one from our partners, so it's easier to stay compliant and control outlays.

Free Resources to Help You Make Better Decisions

Learn how fellow non-profit organisations benefit from ERP. Choose from a free collection of eBooks, case studies, videos, and more.