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Scaling Retail Businesses Upwards

Retail Businesses need to reduce costs and keep up with the fast pace of change to grow amidst industry disruption and competition from newer, bigger players.

To maintain an upward growth trajectory, retailers need to boost their productivity by overcoming challenges like: point-of-sales systems not integrated with other systems; low visibility over inventory in multiple locations; manual warehouse management processes; and tedious and slow report generation.

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AFON's ERP Solutions for Your Retail Business

Our retail clients have enhanced visibility and control over inventory, sales, warehousing, and more, plus reduced duplicate data entry with our ERP system solutions and deployments. Our retail industry solutions include:

POS & ERP Systems, Integrated

Get key sales and inventory data easily when you connect your point-of-sales and ERP systems, and slash the time it takes to uncover new business opportunities from raw data.

More Control over Inventory

Improve real-time visibility of your inventory and inventory levels across multiple locations and warehouses, right down to single bins, batches, serial numbers, expiry dates, etc. 

Complete Warehouse Management

Boost efficiency in your warehouse. Fully integrated warehouse management systems and mobile warehousing solutions (including barcode scanners) help you reduce manual processes.

Full Integration with eCommerce System

Reduce duplicate data entry when you connect your eCommerce and ERP systems together. Effortlessly synchronise orders, inventory levels, transactions, etc. 

Quickly Gain Insights into Profitability & More

Easily create reports and get insights into sales performance across multiple metrics. Get an accurate view of sales by outlet, sales by product category, etc. 

Standardised, Streamlined Purchasing

Block unnecessary and fraudulent purchases with standardised workflows. Manage requisitions, vendors, intercompany transactions, etc. in one place.


Case Studies

Learn how businesses benefit from ERP: boosted efficiency, revenue gains, and more.

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