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Sales & Distribution 

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Enabling Efficiencies for Sales & Distribution Businesses

Sales and Distribution businesses face high expectations from their customers in terms of lead times, quotation accuracy, and responding to customer enquiries.

To gain a competitive edge, they need to gain better visibility of their transactions, effectively manage inventory across multiple warehouses, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and ensure eCommerce is integrated with their back-end.

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AFON's ERP Solutions For Your Sales & Distribution Business

Our Sales & Distribution customers have optimised warehouse management, gained faster insights into key performance indicators, enhanced control of their receivables and more, with our ERP deployments and integrations. Our solutions include:

Multi-Location Inventory Management

Gain full traceability and real-time quantity visibility of your inventory, across multiple locations, right down to bins and batches. Boost warehouse management with mobile warehousing solutions (including barcode scanners).

Warranty & Service Management

Satisfy your customers with accelerated warranty and service management. Warranty registration and tracking are fully automated, as are case escalation rules, customer updates on returns status, refund processing, etc.

Accurate Reports on Sales & More

Understand sales trends and opportunities with instantly-generated reports on any metric. No more waiting days just to know your top customers by revenue, sales by product category, inventory turnover, profit/loss, purchasing costs, etc.

Control Over Accounts Receivables

Enforce credit limits and payment terms, automate customer payment reminders, and get reports on ageing receivables fast so you know what to act on.

Full Transaction Traceability

Get a single view of all documents in transactions, from quotation and orders to goods receipts. Never waste a minute hunting for documents.

Enable Mobility for Sales & Service Staff

Follow up with leads identify new opportunities with existing clients, plus quickly respond to service  tickets on the go with iOS/Android apps for sales and service staff.

Free Resources to Help You Make Smarter Business Decisions

Learn how your industry peers benefit from ERP. Choose from a free collection of eBooks, ERP success stories, videos, and more.