Business Intelligence at a Glance

Built-in analytics and reporting tools in SAP Business One can help boost your reporting accuracy and speed, to give you the insights you need to succeed. 

SAP Business One's business intelligence features help you unlock actionable insights into sales, inventory, financials, and more without added complexity.

Create and easily customise reports from multiple data sources with drag-and-drop tools, and export them to Excel for interactive analysis. Adding visuals to your reports to make them more intuitive is also a straightforward process. 

Report Creation & Customisation

Access data from multiple sources, create new reports, and customise existing ones in a variety of layouts with minimal IT overhead.

Interactive Analysis

See your business from a variety of perspectives by using SAP Business One integrated with standard Microsoft Excel functionalities.

Intuitive Tools for Fast Insights

Get insights faster with the ability to drag and relate and drill down data and use search assistance and workflow-based alerts.

Predefined Analytics Metrics

Improve your cash balance visibility and sales performance  with analytics and predefined key performance indicators.

Powerful Data Visualisations

Make faster, better decisions by enhancing your reports with powerful visualisations of key performance indicators.

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