Optimal Inventory & Purchasing Control

Gain more accurate visibility of inventory levels plus inbound and outbound shipments. Accelerate procure-to-pay, and generate reports on metrics like turnover and profitability.

With SAP Business One, you can make better, faster decisions about your inventory with accurate stock levels, a single view of inventory and financials, plus comprehensive reporting, while accelerating procurement from requisitions to returns. 

Because Business One connects inventory and accounting together, you've the assurance of up-to-date inventory levels as soon as you receive goods with an invoice. You can also generate reports based on the latest data anytime, anywhere, on key metrics like turnover, availability, and more.

Procurement Management

Streamline processes such as requisition requests, purchase order and good receipts creation, and returns management. Improve audits by viewing information trails, and handling multiple currencies.

Master Data Management

Centralise purchasing processes by managing detailed data in a user-friendly interface. View account balance and purchase analyses while maintaining item purchasing information with price lists and tax information.

Warehouse & Accounting

Get real-time synchronisation of goods receipts and inventory levels in the warehouse for easy purchase planning. Create  accounts payable invoices automatically from a purchase order or goods receipt.

Accounts Payable

Lower costs and optimise supply chain relationships. Process accounts payable invoices, cancellations, and credit memos with a purchase order reference. Plan material needs; and schedule purchases accordingly.


Generate reports with real-time data and display them in various report formats or dashboards to gain an overview of what matters most to your business, whether you’re using your desktop or mobile device.

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