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 Why Fast-Growing Companies Leave Sage And Adopt Cloud Financials To Accelerate Growth

Here are some signs that show it's time for your business to transition to cloud-hosted financial software.

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While Sage may be a good fit for your business in the early days, you may have found it proved too limited in terms of capabilities and real-time visibility as your business grew. You should know that many business owners like you have faced the same issue.

This whitepaper from Oracle - NetSuite will show you that cloud-hosted financial software can provide a superior option for you and your business. It will cover:

  • The five signs which shows that Sage is no longer sufficient to support your business processes
  • A few indicators that your business is ready to transition to a cloud-based on-demand service like NetSuite, and
  • Some best practices you can adopt to ease the transition from Sage to a better solution.

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