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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions here.

General FAQs

We’re the only award-winning enterprise resource planning consultancy offering four top brands – Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Sage. With 20+ years of experience across diverse industries, you’llll receive advice on the ERP solution that best fits your budget and needs that best fits your company. Get it up and running with our in-house IT services, and extend its capabilities with advanced reporting tools available from us and solutions from our partners.

At AFON IT, we’re not just a reseller of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Our services also include ERP consultation, implementation, technical support, IT services (infrastructure, private Cloud hosting, IT outsourcing, and more), advanced reporting solutions, training and end-to-end extension services from our partners.


No. ERP systems don’t just handle accounting. Not only do they include inventory control, sales, purchasing, production, and other such functionality, ERP systems integrate these together – giving you improved visibility, scalability, and ease of use.

SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage are market leading developers of ERP solutions designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). That said, the best solution really depends on your needs and budget.

Every business is unique. An ERP system that fits one company doesn’t necessarily fit yours best. As an award-winning ERP consultancy offering four global brands to choose from, we’ll work closely with you to find the system that best meets your budget and business requirements.

Making the right choice may seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. To help you select the right ERP solutions for your business and business needs, take our free ERP assessment test or request for a free consultation. Our highly experienced consultants will do a preliminary evaluation based on your business current and future objectives and make the best recommendation for your business.

Costs are highly variable. They depend on factors like the extent of customisations, maintenance, data migration, configuration, and more besides. But in general, your upfront investment costs are lower when you invest in a true Cloud ERP system.

Yes, we can customise your ERP system to your requirements. Depending on your needs, we may even have pre-built add-ons or modules to suit your business. Book a consultation with us today.

Unfortunately, no. We can only migrate your opening and closing balances.

Yes, if your third-party systems and bank allows integrations to be developed. We’ll then work with these third-party vendors to integrate your ERP system with other systems, including point-of-sales and eCommerce solutions.

Yes, all our ERP solutions come with comprehensive reporting and analytics features. You’ve also the option of enhancing these capabilities with more advanced tools like Jet Reports and Jet Analytics, or business intelligence solutions like Power BI.

Yes, our ERP solutions can support multiple entities. Depending on the solution you choose, you’ll also get built-in inter-company elimination and consolidation features.

No, unless your business requires heavy customisation of your ERP system.

Cloud ERP solutions will be automatically updated with little or no downtime. You’ll get notice of changes months in advance.

Yes. You can tap on government grants like the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), and which subsidises up to 70% of qualifying costs.

This is highly variable and depends on the scope of implementation. But on average, true Cloud ERP systems are faster to get up and running.

After Service FAQs

All of our helpdesk support teams are full-time employees of AFON IT. We do not outsource our helpdesk services to freelancers or 3rd party agencies.

In most cases, you will be assigned one project manager, one technical consultant and one application consultant.

Yes, we do provide user training. It can be done either at your office or ours (we’ve a dedicated training room). There’re no extra charges for having training conducted at your office.

You get three lines of support: On-site support, plus phone support and online support (both’re available during business hours)

We aim to respond within 4 hours during office hours, 9am – 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.