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AFON IT's Customers

Case Studies

Over 500 customers found success in improving revenue & productivity through our solutions and services.

Here are their stories.

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Our Customers

Old Chang Kee


Old Chang Kee gained a 50% increase in productivity while reducing overtime by 30% with Microsoft Business Central.



Discover how Huber’s Butchery increases their revenue by 40% & reduces product losses by 10% with SAP Business One.



Monopole greatly increases productivity  and carries out monthly closing 95% faster with Microsoft Business Central.

Pasture Pharma


Pasture Pharma boosts turnover by 100% and improves their order and inventory tracking with SAP Business One.

Beam Mobility


See how a growing tech start-up reduced reporting errors by 50% and saved 120 man-hours per month with Oracle - NetSuite.

Q Industries


Q Industries completes customer orders 70% faster; generates reports instantaneously with Microsoft Business Central.



See how Hikari eliminates repetitive manual processes and gained 100% growth in revenue with SAP Business One.



Discover how MAEH gained greater flexibility, security and time savings with our deployment of Sage 300 ERP.

Naumi Hotels


Naumi Hotels improved report generation, internal/ external compliance, & group consolidation with Oracle - NetSuite.



An AFON IT's customer since 1999, Kinokuniya Singapore gains improved efficiency & business visibility with Sage 300 ERP.

Mecpec Co.


Mecpec gained time savings in invoicing and stock taking, and does monthly closing 75% faster with SAP Business One.

Adv. Marine


See how they grew cashflow and customer satisfaction, and gained >99% inventory accuracy with SAP Business One.

Design Collection

Afon 1 (1) (2)

Design Collection achieved 100% time saving in consolidated financial reporting and data analysis with Microsoft Business Central.

XCL Education

overlay-xaa-4 (1)

XCL Education reduced up to 75% of their month-end closing time with Oracle - NetSuite.



"SAP Business One is a great fit for a growing company like ours... (and) with a couple of new products in launch phase, I can now say that Pasture Group is geared for the next stage of growth boosted with technology and improved systems as enablers. And when AFON approached us to offer their services, their Consultants’ knowledge and commitment made the difference. It is not just SAP systems, it is SAP + AFON = Pasture satisfaction!"

Lloyd Soong Square Dp
Lloyd Soong
CEO, Pasture Pharma

"We want to thank AFON for helping us successfully implement NAV. Our new system has enabled us to achieve significant time and manpower savings in key departments"

old chang kee logo_150x150
Song Yeow Chung
Group Financial Controller, Old Chang Kee

"We've been a Sage client of AFON since 2008... (and) used their software to manage our financial processes in our Singapore office, as well as consolidate accounts across our Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan offices. I want to specially highlight the professional level of support we receive from AFON's in-house support consultants. They've always delivered assistance quickly and respond on time. Moreover, their team often go above and beyond our expectations to help us."

QB house logo_150x150
Keigo Mikami
Managing Director, QB Net International Pte Ltd

"With the implementation of NetSuite, we were able to resolve the challenges we faced during our expansion, as it provided the visibility and capabilities we needed to support the strategy of the company"

Angelica Diloy_Naumi
Angelica Diloy
Group Financial Controller, Naumi Hotels
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