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Backed by the biggest billion-dollar brands in the technology industry: SAP Business One, Oracle - NetSuite ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Sage 300 ERP 

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Each ERP solution's features and functionalities are collated in  one guide, saving you time and effort of trawling through multiple sources to get the relevant information.

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See a quick comparison of the strengths of each software to boost your search for the best-fit solution for your business

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Access industry reports, eBooks, articles and case studies to support your case for change in your SME

Designed By AFON: Singapore's Leading ERP Consultancy With 500+ Success Stories

“SAP Business One is a great fit for a growing company like ours... (and) with a couple of new products in launch phase, I can now say that Pasture Group is geared for the next stage of growth boosted with technology and improved systems as enablers.

And when AFON approached us to offer their services, their Consultants’ knowledge and commitment made the difference. It is not just SAP systems, it is SAP + AFON = Pasture satisfaction!"

Lloyd Soong Square Dp

Lloyd Soong
CEO, Pasture Pharma

“Without good data, there's no way for us to keep growing our company quickly. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AFON has helped us in that regard.”
neferti white logo

Rachel Shu
Neferti Pte Ltd

“Having Netsuite in place really helped us streamline all our financial data from multiple offices in one place... More importantly, the ease of using Netsuite has helped us quickly scale across markets, while enabling us on a platform with one source of truth.”
beam mobility square logo

Benjamin Roberts
Finance Manager, Beam Mobility

“It wasn’t a situation where a professional was dealing with a rookie, which would’ve meant dealing with a lot of pressure points. It went well on both sides because both AFON and our team were experienced. I knew exactly what could or couldn’t be done throughout the process.”
Christophe Megel

Christophe Megel
Executive Director, Q Industries

“AFON doesn’t walk away from problems... If you've issues with something, you know you can contact them and their SAP helpdesk will respond back quickly, even if they're busy," says John. "They've been a great help.”
Advance Marine Square Logo

John Zwiers
Commercial Manager, Advanced Marine Pte Ltd

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