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The Evolution Of A Business System Hairball

Find out how using too many business software can cause these hairballs, and how to avoid it.

NS-TOFU-WP-Evolution-Of-A-System-Hairball Ebook


Many small business owners dream of becoming the next big enterprise. But as a small business starts to grow and expand, it gets to a point where they need to invest in systems. Not having a long-term goal in mind can trap businesses into a “hairball” of disparate systems that demand attention with every upgrade or tweak.

In this ebook from Oracle - NetSuite, you'll find out how the first investment in business software can quickly cascade into a "hairball" as the business grows. You'll see how a business that invests in software without a long term plan:

  • Implements more and more software until a "hairball" has evolved in its systems
  • Face issues with various business processes as a result of the "hairball", and
  • May fall afoul of a "hairball" even if they opt for cloud software over on-premise.

In addition, you'll learn how planning for the long term and investing in software accordingly is the way to avoid a "hairball".

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