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The Time And Environment Is Ripe For Cloud To Take Hold In Singapore

Why Adoption Of The Cloud by Singapore Businesses Is On The Rise

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Adoption of cloud computing technology is on the rise among multi-national companies (MNCs) in Singapore. With loosened data storage regulations by local authorities and increased recognition of the opportunities that cloud computing offers, MNCs in Singapore are leading the way in leveraging the technology to drive business growth.

This white paper by Oracle - NetSuite covers a roundtable discussion between business leaders from various industries in Singapore about the presence of drivers for mass adoption of the cloud. You'll learn how:

  • Cloud software vendors are focused on providing better service than any in-house service to assuage concerns about data security and privacy
  • The cloud makes it possible for small businesses to access functionalities previously affordable only by large businesses
  • The cloud can quickly scale up and down as necessary, which helps businesses to stay ahead of their competition, and
  • How to manage change and plan cloud transition strategy to avoid disruption in business operations.

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