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Understanding Cloud ERP Buyers And Providers

What First-time And Replacement Buyers Should Consider When Choosing Between Cloud-only Or Traditional Vendors

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Buyers of cloud ERP software fall into two types; first-time buyers, and those looking to replace their legacy ERP systems. Providers of cloud ERP can also be categorise in one of two ways; cloud-only providers, and traditional vendors.

This report by Frank Scavo will help you decide whether a cloud-only provider or a traditional vendor would be more suitable for your business needs, whether you're a first-time or a replacement buyer. You'll find out:

  • How first-time and replacement ERP buyers differ from each other in organisational characteristics and selection processes.
  • The different approaches that cloud-only and traditional vendors have towards their cloud offerings.
  • The respective strengths and weaknesses of cloud-only and traditional vendors, and
  • Some key questions you should ask when choosing between either type of cloud ERP provider, depending on which type of buyer your business is.

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