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Using Data to Establish Price Points to Protect Your Distributorship

How cloud-based software can help you leverage data and achieve an optimal pricing strategy

NS-TOFU-WP-Using-Data-Establish-Price-Points-Protect-Distributorship-Profit-Margins Ebook


With competitors literally being one mouse click or screen tap away, it's more challenging than before for distributors like you to achieve the right price point to stay profitable, yet competitive in the current B2B business environment.

In this white paper by Oracle - NetSuite, find out:

  • How a poor pricing strategy may be holding you back
  • Why B2B buyers are behaving more like B2C consumers, and what it means for you
  • What factors you should keep in mind when optimising your pricing strategy, and
  • How you can use data to identify your most profitable price points.
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