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About Us


BIPROGY Inc. is an IT solutions powerhouse based in Japan, with a global presence. AFON is a member of the BIPROGY Inc's group of companies.

BIPROGY Inc., formerly known as Nihon Unisys Ltd, is a US$2.5 billion IT solutions powerhouse listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Founded in 1947 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, BIPROGY Inc has become synonymous with innovation and exceptional service due to its commitment to customer satisfaction.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services through five distinct segments: the System Service segment specialises in custom software development, system engineer (SE) services, and expert consulting services that help businesses thrive; the Support Service segment focuses on providing steadfast maintenance, seamless introduction, and dedicated support services for software and hardware, ensuring the smooth operation of businesses; the Outsourcing segment offers contracted operation services, allowing companies to concentrate on their core competencies; the Software segment delivers top-quality software based on licensing agreements, while the Hardware segment supplies cutting-edge equipment through sales contracts and leasing agreements.

In addition to its IT solutions, BIPROGY Inc also excels in providing outstanding line service and equipment construction services, showcasing its adaptability and commitment to meeting diverse customer requirements.

BIPROGY Inc acquired the AFON group of companies in April 2023.

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