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Own an iPad or iPhone? Maximise Productivity with SAP Business One Application


An English professor once conducted a simple experiment and kept his students’ smartphones for five days. During this time, students reported being late for appointments, engaging into quarrels with loved ones and experiencing a general sense of disconnectedness. One young lady complained her "fingers can't stop twitching” throughout the week.

Most of us cannot live without our iPad or iPhone (or Android, if you're no Apple fan) for a day, let alone five days. Our business world has changed. Electronic mailing and calendaring is the number one usage for mobile devices. The ability to collectively share and work on projects with colleagues and clients is now paramount. According to a Frost & Sullivan survey of C-level executives and IT managers, 70% of respondents rely heavily on mobile devices for business purposes.

Yet only one-third of businesses have a well-defined mobile strategy for the future, claims Forrester Research. In their study, more companies are increasingly aware of the advantages of mobility. Mobile devices are seen as an attractive way to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, 70 percent of firms will increase their mobile budget in 2011, as more businesses see the value in equipping their people with iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices to improve customer engagement.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, SAP Business One now comes with a mobile application that allows your employees to access:

  • Customer and inventory information in real-time
  • Up to the minute reports
  • Alerts with key performance indicators
  • Workflow approvals
  • Tasks and activities
Watch the SAP Business One mobile application video here.

With the SAP Business One mobile application for iPhone, iPad and even the iPod Touch, your employees will be able to answer customer queries faster, make better decisions and speed up the flow of business transactions inside your organization.

All you need is to download the free application from the Apple App Store to your device to start enjoying access* to your SAP Business One. For small and midsized businesses, this enhanced mobility gives the much-needed edge to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

Are you prepared for the next wave of mobile adoption in businesses? Stay connected with your people. Contact us today, and discover how SAP Business One can turn your iPhone and iPad into a powerful mobile business tool.

*limited to Professional-license users
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