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Case Study


Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd is a leading automation devices and components provider in Singapore that provides a one-stop solution to all customers in various sectors. Their strong infrastructure systems also helps to strengthen and optimise the company's supply chain and business operations.

Using: SAP Business One

100% Increase in Transactions and Orders

200%+ Increase in Revenue

Eliminated Repetitive Manual Data Processes

The Problem

  • Highly customised legacy system for automating processes had too many complexities
  • Manual data input still needed despite customisation
  • Insufficient helpdesk and technical support from previous vendor due to vendor's lack of manpower
  • Legacy system lacked scalabiliy to grow alongside strategic plans for growth

The Goal

  • Ease of use in document and report generation
  • A practical and user-friendly software that could support business growth
  • Technical support that is reliably available to resolve incidents and issues
  • A modern software that is easily scalable to the growth of the business

Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd is a distributor and service provider of industrial automation devices and components, supplying more than 1000 clients in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

The business had originally implemented a DOS-based legacy business software to automate data entry, as well as the generation of documents and reports. However, although the legacy software had been extensively customised to support Hikari’s operations and processes, it did not fully integrate the business systems used by its departments, and the process of document and report generation was not user-friendly.

This meant that Hikari’s processes were still largely reliant on manual input, which slowed the business’s growth. Technical support for the legacy system was also slow, as the vendor did not have enough manpower to provide their services in a timely manner.

With the business poised to grow rapidly, Hikari began looking for a modern solution that was more practical and user-friendly than its current system.

“We looked in-depth at a range of systems, and SAP Business One stood out as it was an affordable yet comprehensive business tool that covered most of our needs straight out of the box – with flexibility to customer what we needed,” says Cheong Tien Chin, Sales Director of Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd (Singapore).

But a modern software solution was only one half of the equation; Hikari also required a partner that understood their business needs and could provide the necessary technical support reliably. As an award-winning SAP Gold Partner, AFON IT would prove to be that ideal partner for Hikari.

“AFON took the time to truly understand and solve our business challenges – they deliver very responsive service,” says Cheong.

After the implementation of SAP Business One by AFON IT, Hikari has eliminated repetitive manual processes and streamlined communications, and their number of transactions and orders has more than doubled from when the ERP software was first implemented..

“With sales, purchasing, shipping and finance all on one integrated system, productivity has improved, reporting is in real-time and customer service is much faster,” says Cheong.


“Since switching to SAP, our revenue has doubled from $15M to $33M and the platform has remained flexible, reliable and efficient. We look forward to working with AFON and SAP Business One to help us grow our customers, products and services even more in the years ahead.”

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Cheong Tien Chin
Sales Director, Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd (Singapore)
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With SAP Business One, Hikari Automation Systems automated processes, improved visibility with real-time data-driven insights for informed decisions which doubled transactions and revenue.

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