Huber's Butchery Increases Revenue Gains by 40% and Cuts Wastage by 10%

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About Huber's Butchery

Huber's Pte Ltd is Singapore’s premier producer, retailer, and supplier of meat products and services. They also operate a factory specialising in manufacturing and processing top-quality meat products.

This dedication has earned the family-run business many fans and accolades over the years, including Gourmet Distributor of the Year at the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence.

Currently using: SAP Business One, SAP HANA

The Problem

Huber's needed to keep up with growing demand, while continuing to provide quality service to their corporate and retail customers.

After reviewing their processes, Huber's realised they needed batch management for better stock control, which their existing inventory software wasn't capable of.

Additionally, they had to work across two systems to manage accounting and inventory, which led to inconsistent data and tedious reconciliation.

The Goal

  • Improve stock traceability and control
  • Reduce product wastage and losses
  • Have a robust system which could grow with them
  • Have a single, integrated system to replace their disparate accounting and inventory systems

The Challenge

Huber’s is a family owned and operated business. They also have a simple philosophy: to offer the best value to their customers, delivered with professional yet personal service.

To do so, Huber's started searching for an integrated solution that could replace their old setup, which comprised separate accounting and inventory systems. They needed:

  • A robust, scalable system that could grow alongside their growth plans
  • A way to improve communication an quality service to their customers
  • A system with superior batch management capabilities for better stock control and traceability
  • A reliable, proven IT vendor who could ensure a smooth roll-out of their new system

After attending a seminar on SAP Business One, Huber’s was convinced that SAP Business One had exactly what they needed to support them as a technology pillar for growth, and to manage their business operations from end-to-end.

For example, SAP Business One could handle batch inventory which was critical for traceability of their products. Give them a competitive advantage through SAP Business One’s  mobile solution, which enables Huber's to create sales orders on-the-go and retrieve customer sales data whenever required.

In addition, Huber’s was impressed by AFON’s experience and proven track record. This gave them the assurance that choosing AFON as their implementation partner was the right decision to make.

With AFON’s close support and engagement, Huber’s eventually upgraded to SAP HANA database. This led to even faster response time and real-time report generation in SAP Business One. In the near future, Huber’s has plans to integrate the RFID platform to further improve their stock control.

The Result

After implementing SAP Business One, Huber's enjoyed an increase in revenue thanks to improved stock control and traceability - which helped them reduce product wastage. Being able to work on the go also helped ease operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

Increase in Revenue
Reduction in losses
Client Satisfaction
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“SAP Business One HANA is able to provide the scalability to match our requirements for increased customer satisfaction, reduction in waste and continuous growth for the future.”
Ryan Huber

Ryan Huber
Managing Director, Huber's Butchery

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