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Mecpec Gains Significant Time Savings In Invoicing And Stock Taking; Does Monthly Closing 75% Faster

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About Mecpec Co. Pte Ltd

Mecpec Trading Co Pte Ltd trades and distributes a range of petroleum, fuel and lubricant products for clients in various key industries in Singapore, including but not limited to construction, manufacturing and transportation.

First established in 1978, Mecpec has been involved in some of Singapore’s most prominent infrastructure projects over the years, including the expansion of the MRT network and Changi Airport’s new terminals. The company also provides 24-hour standby services for various hotels, hospitals and data centres in the country.

Currently using: SAP Business One

Lubricating Oil

The Problem

While Mecpec had already implemented SAP Business One, the implementation project did not fully integrate its other business systems with the ERP software.

This meant that their invoicing were delayed and their inventories could not be kept up to date on time, due to the high cost in terms of time and manpower.

Mecpec needed a partner which could help them bring out the full potential of Business One for their business.

The Goal

  • Integrate their separate business systems into a single software.
  • Increase the level of automation to eliminate manual processes.
  • Reduce time and manpower spent on invoicing and keeping inventory up-to-date.
  • Improve the ability of sales staff to communicate with the customers.
  • Implement customisations to better complement the business model.

The Challenge

Mecpec had ambitious plans for future growth and expansion in the works. However, the company used several separate business systems, including those for helping with delivery as well as tracking fuel usage.

These systems were not set up to transfer data automatically between each other, which meant that Mecpec’s personnel had to manually input invoices and pricing, before transferring data from one system to another.

Not only did this incur a high cost in time and manpower, it also meant that the company’s invoices were often late, and its inventories were not always kept up to date. And as Mecpec continued to grow, the problem grew worse as it also meant they had an increasing number of entries to be made, and more stock to keep track of.

To automate their manual invoicing and stocktaking processes and enable their expansion plans to go fotward, Mecpec decided to implement an ERP solution. After considering several options, they chose to implement SAP Business One

However, the implementation project did not achieve all of Mecpec’s goals, as their business systems weren’t fully integrated with SAP Business One. This meant data was not being shared between the various systems, which was the point of the project in the first place.

Mecpec also realised that in order to bring out the full potential of Business One, they needed a partner with the expertise to implement the necessary upgrades for the ERP software.

As AFON is an award-winning SAP Gold Partner and boasts a proven track record of ERP implementations for organisations like theirs, Mecpec decided to engage AFON as their partner to integrate their business systems with SAP Business One.

AFON also provided the customisation that Mecpec needed to complement their business processes, such as a custom-built fuel pricing table which enabled seamless pricing and automated invoice generation for their sales team, and digital reporting dashboards that tracks sales, inventory and KPIs.

“AFON has been very responsive and helpful in customising the system to suit us, as well as training our team of 15+ users,” said Dawn Oh, Director of Administration and Finance in Mecpec Trading Co. Pte Ltd.

With the successful integration and customisation of SAP Business One to best complement Mecpec’s processes, the business has successfully eliminated manual processes and seen a reduction in errors and time spent invoicing, and their monthly financial closing period has been shortened from two weeks to four days.

More importantly, while there remains more work to do in order to fully automate every department in Mecpec, the business is now equipped with a flexible digital platform that can scale in line with their growth in the long term.

The Result

After integrating SAP Business One with their systems, Mecpec Co. Pte Ltd enjoyed a significant reduction in time spend on the monthly financial closing, greatly increased the amount of transactions they can complete per month, and are able to do their stocktaking much more efficiently.

Faster Monthly Financial Closing
Reduction in Time Spent Invoicing
Time and Manpower Savings On Updating Inventory
“Moving from manual paper-based processes to one central digital platform has boosted efficiency right across the business. For example, closing off the monthly accounts previous took 2 weeks, but with SAP Business One it’s all finalized in a few days.”

Dawn Oh
Director, Administration & Finance, Mecpec Trading Co. Pte Ltd

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