Pasture Pharma Boosts Turnover by 100%; Improves Order and Inventory Tracking

About Pasture Pharma

Pasture Pharma Pte Ltd is part of the Pasture Group, a pharmaceutical organisation with presence in over 100 countries worldwide. They're in the business of procuring and distributing vaccines and oncology products.

Pasture Pharma is also an R&D company that produces specialised FDA-cleared N95 masks, and one of just two companies worldwide with FDA-cleared pandemic masks.

Currently using: SAP Business One

The Problem

Pasture Pharma and its co-subsidiary Pacific Biosciences wanted to replace their old Quickbooks accounting software, which wasn't integrated with their POS system and dispensing delivery system. 

This meant a significant amount of manual intervention was needed to circumvent this limitation, resulting in a huge waste of time, difficulties in tracking orders, and employee stress.

The company sought a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that could minimise manual tasks and cut the time and labour spent on accounting and orders tracking. They also wanted to boost accuracy and efficiency for themselves and their customers.

The Goal

  • Improve efficiency for themselves and their customers
  • Effectively manage millions of transactions and records
  • Reduce time spent on accounting and orders tracking
  • Minimise or eliminate manual tasks across the organisation
  • Integrate accounting and financial processes with Pharmacywire — their international dispensing system
  • Improve speed to compliance through enhanced transparency

The Challenge

Pasture Pharma Pte Ltd is a distributor and producer of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, oncology products, and specialised N95 masks. Their co-subsidiary Pacific Biosciences Pte Ltd provides international dispensary services to websites.

Both companies used Quickbooks to fulfill their accounting and billing needs. But as their scale of operations and transactions increased, they faced growing challenges such as: 

  • Lack of integration between accounting, POS, and dispensing delivery systems led to inconsistent data and reduced visibility across the organisation
  • Difficulties in tracking orders and inventory movements
  • Tedious processes involved to stay compliant with Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Singapore and Major Exporter Scheme requirements
  • Substantial manual data entry which led to lost productivity and staff frustration

For example, all retail sales through their POS system had to be manually captured in Quickbooks, with reports manually created every month-end. Pacific Biosciences' METREX dispensing system was also unable to carry out invoicing, which meant items had to be billed manually based on a fortnightly generated summary report.

After viewing a demonstration of SAP Business One with another SAP vendor, Pasture Pharma was convinced the ERP software had exactly what they needed. 

To their disappointment, the vendor couldn't deliver to their expectations. This led them to switch to AFON as their preferred SAP Business One vendor.

“We initially worked with a previous vendor of SAP but found serious ‘advisory gaps’,” says Lloyd Soong, CEO of Pasture Pharma.

With SAP Business One and AFON's guidance, Pasture Pharma has streamlined their accounting, automated their processes, improved inventory management time, and reduced employee time spent on repeatable, manual work.

The new system has also integrated very well with their international dispensing system – Pharmacywire.  

"Our systems can now handle millions of records and transactions, generate real time reports in key functions like purchasing, sales, financial management, inventory management, and improve our speed to compliance to regulations through greater transparency in documentation," says Lloyd.

Alongside AFON’s close support and engagement, plus some new products in launch phase, Lloyd is confident Pasture Group is all set to achieve the next level of growth. 

"When AFON approached us to offer their services, their Consultants’ knowledge and commitment made the difference. It is not just SAP systems, it is SAP + AFON = Pasture satisfaction!" he adds.

The Result

With SAP Business One, Pasture Pharma and Pacific Biosciences have experienced improved productivity, visibility, order tracking, inventory management and more across their organisations.

Increase in Turnover
Time and Labour Saved
Client Satisfaction

“SAP Business One is a great fit for a growing company like ours... (and) with a couple of new products in launch phase, I can now say that Pasture Group is geared for the next stage of growth boosted with technology and improved systems as enablers.

And when AFON approached us to offer their services, their Consultants’ knowledge and commitment made the difference. It is not just SAP systems, it is SAP + AFON = Pasture satisfaction!”

Lloyd Soong Square Dp

Lloyd Soong
CEO, Pasture Pharma

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