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Case Study

Tung Lok Group

A pioneer in the local F&B industry, Tung Lok Group has been renowned in Singapore for its exceptional Chinese cuisine and innovative dining concepts in its four decades of operations. The Group boasts a diverse portfolio of restaurants and catering businesses, which offers a wide range of culinary experiences for all tastes and preferences.

Using: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Jet Reports

50% Reduction In Time Needed For Financial Reporting

Improved Productivity Levels By 15-20%

Annual Revenue From Catering Increased By More Than 2x

The Problem

  • Legacy accounting software, which hindered productivity.
  • Poor integration with other business systems.
  • Lack of effective financial reporting capabilities
  • Failure to meet multiple business unit requirements
  • Current software was not scalable and flexible

The Goal

  • Implement a dynamic ERP software which can support business expansion and boost productivity gains.
  • Acquire the necessary functionality to support multiple core business units 
  • Acquire financial reporting capabilities with either the new solution, or a third-party add-on.

Back in 2015, Tung Lok Group felt that its legacy accounting software was beginning to fall short in meeting the Group's expanding requirements. The former accounting system was not integrated fully with other systems, resulting in selective flow of information between systems. This had caused great loss of productivity for the various departments as different systems are collecting different sets of core data. A lot of time was spent in consolidating data for day-to-day operations as well as decision-making.

To resolve this, Tung Lok Group decided to replace their accounting software with a versatile ERP software.

“We needed a full-fledged ERP software, not just an accounting software that merely handles financial and reporting functions,” said Mr. Tiong Heng Tee, CFO of Tung Lok Group.

“In addition to procurement, the ERP system must also handle our other core business units such as catering, supply chain management, inventory and warehouse management and manufacturing etc.”

Consequently, Tung Lok Group approached AFON IT for a solution and chose to implement Navision. A few years later, the Group upgraded from Navision to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the modern cloud-based version of Navision.

“Progressively, we use Business Central as a core system to integrate with other systems such as e-commerce and POS systems,” Mr. Tiong added.

“As Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has been quite open in terms of integrating with other third-party solutions, it has enabled us to connect with other systems seamlessly, allowing us to escalate productivity and enhance our whole ERP ecosystem.”

One of the third-party solutions implemented is Jet Reports, which AFON IT assisted Tung Lok Group with integration into Business Central. The Group now extensively relies on Jet Reports for their financial reporting needs.

“We worked with AFON to derive a financial report template that’s modelled on our previous format. In this way, our staff were able to adapt to using Jet Reports faster, as they get to work with report templates which they are familiar with,” Mr. Tiong added.

Throughout the implementation, AFON IT has played a crucial role in ensuring that Tung Lok Group gets the utmost value out of its investment in Business Central. 

“AFON has been very supportive in helping us address our pain points, not just through customising Business Central, but also through integrating the ERP with other third-party solutions. They’ve also been very supportive in the day-to-day maintenance and have gone to great lengths to address our requests as well as handling disruptions to our IT infrastructure.”


“Since we partnered with AFON, they’ve helped us greatly not only in the implementation of Business Central, but also the customisation of its apps to cater to our needs.”

Mr tiong DP
Tiong Heng Tee
CFO, Tung Lok Group
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Tung Lok Group boosted their productivity by 15 - 20%. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, they also managed to halve their financial reporting time.

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