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Cloud ERP For Fast-Growing Businesses

AFON's Cloud ERP Solutions: Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

Tap on the power of true cloud to elevate your efficiency, productivity, and growth with our selection of top global ERP systems from Oracle and Microsoft

Navigate The Future of Business with Cloud ERP Excellence

Benefits Of Implementing Cloud ERP

Tired of not having a single source of truth and complete visibility into your business? Do you want to reduce security and maintenance costs, while keeping everything up to date? Or are you looking to expand and grow quickly beyond Singapore's shores, but are limited by your current infrastructure capacity?

Our true Cloud ERP systems from the world's leaders in ERP technology can help you overcome these challenges. By seamlessly and securely integrating your operations, you can boost productivity and achieve significant cost savings, with benefits like:

Enhanced Data Security

Fortify the security of your business data with end-to-end encryption, role-based access control, and backups of multiple servers.

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Eliminates the need for servers, minimizing your CAPEX. Begin with a modest license count, and scale up as your business expands.

Automatic Updates

Get automatic updates and upgrades in security and features, leading to lesser downtime. 

Scalability And Flexibility

Expand your capacity with additional modules - via a single click 

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Cloud ERP We Offer -

Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

NetSuite ERP, Singapore's #1 most deployed true Cloud ERP, is designed to help fast-growing companies run their back-office and financial processes smarter.

Cloud ERP We Offer -

Microsoft Business Central

Part of the Microsoft solutions ecosystem, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a Cloud ERP that connects financials, sales, operations, and services for superior customer satisfaction.

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"We gained much more control of our finance as a result, as well as greater confidence in our numbers thanks to NetSuite ERP... The team from AFON was very committed to the project. When they said they would do something, they did it."

Todd Tilton
Group Financial Controller, XCL Education

“After we implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we no longer encountered the problems with inventory management that we had before... this is thanks to the fully consolidated financial reports from it and Jet Reports, that we didn’t previously have access to.”

Speakers for 11 Jan NS (1)-1
Jannich Doelby
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Design Collection Denmark

"I highly recommend AFON Pte Ltd for any organisation seeking a reliable and
accomplished team for ERP project implementations. Their combined skills and dedication
make them valuable assets, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results (for NetSuite ERP)."

Joly Xie
Senior Regional Finance Manager, Cornerstone Global Partners Pte Ltd
3 Good Reasons to Choose AFON

Why Work With Us?

Rapidly Earned Recognition

We’ve won many awards over the years. Awards like the Enterprise E50, Top SME 1000, Partner of the Year, Best Implementation Partner, & Highest Achiever in S.E. Asia

On average, we hit Singapore top partner status in just a few years upon taking on a new ERP software -speaking volume about our exceptional expertise and commitment to excellence.


Finance-Savvy Consultants

Successful implementation requires more than just technical knowledge.

Our ERP consultants are qualified accountants and/or certified IT professionals. We believe this balance of finance & technical skills is crucial for addressing real business needs.

Effective Helpdesk Support

Get helpdesk support you can rely on. Unlike some vendors, we don’t outsource our  helpdesk teams to third-party IT companies, giving our customers the assurance we’re able to deliver the support they need.

More Questions on Cloud ERP?

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud ERP systems have an advantage over their on-premises counterparts. Top tier vendors like Oracle and Microsoft have invested to ensure that their data centres have top-tier security architecture.

An integral aspect of security is vulnerability assessment/detection & patching. As and when a vulnerability is detected, cloud ERP vendors can prepare a patch and apply it on their client instances. Such rapid response to threats makes cloud ERP systems more agile & responsive.

For on-premise ERP systems, your software is installed locally on your premises, using your own servers and hardware. This is the more traditional approach to implementing ERP systems and involves upfront payment for user licenses and hardware, plus annual maintenance fees.

With cloud ERP, hosting is provided by your vendor on a shared server. Instead of upfront fees, you pay a subscription fee per user or per block of users on a monthly or yearly basis.

Read more about their differences here.

For SaaS products like cloud ERP, they usually operate on a subscription basis. (Recurring monthly/annual fee)

Both NetSuite and Business Central cloud ERP systems have their own mobile applications, and is readily accessible on the go.

Accounting software generally offers a set of basic accounting features, which includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Accounts receivable and payable (AR/AP)
  • General ledger (G/L)
  • Sales and purchase orders (PO)
  • Bank management

It can also collect and process key financial data in your business to generate financial reports.

While cloud ERP software comes with the same set of financial management features as accounting software, it also offers so much more, with the ability to fully integrates financial management functionalities with other critical functions/ processes in your business:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Warehouse management
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

Read more about it here.

Learn about the government grants you can apply to fund the digital transformation efforts of your business here.

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Five Compelling Reasons Why Cloud ERP Systems Are Ideal For Fast-Growing Businesses

Let us take you through the five most compelling advantages about cloud ERP, that should address your greatest concerns about making the move.

Starting Your Cloud ERP Journey

Need advice on which Cloud ERP system are suitable for your business?  Request for a demo today with our experts.