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ERP Features Overview

Sage 300 ERP

Make smarter decisions with a unified view of your business through Sage 300's robust capabilities. 

Project Job Costing

Track, assign, plan, and analyse costs, estimates, resources, and more at every detail of multiple projects, so you can keep them profitable and on time. 

You can also assign estimate for unit costs, billing rate, and quantities to categories including subcontractors, equipment, labour, overheads etc. Built-in revenue recognition capabilities let you choose how to account for revenue, whether by category or total costs percentage, labour hours percentage, and more.


Contract Maintenance

Easily assign staff, materials, vendors etc. to each project within the contract. Manage contracts or jobs to three levels—contract (job), project (phase), & category.

Project Maintenance

Maintain & track multiple projects, phases or categories within each contract. Mix & match project types & accounting methods for simple or complex projects.

Estimate & Cost Management

Set up estimates by specifying the quantity, unit cost, & billing rate allocated to projects. Track committed/actual quantities & costs with Purchase Order module.

Billing & Revenue Management

Select the accounting method for each project within the contract, like category cost percentage complete etc. Issue invoice easily by customer, contract, or project.

Inquiries & Statuses

Quickly review each project status through centralised inquiry capabilities. Assign multiple progress status categories to each project & contract.

Rapid Report Generation

Easily generate reports to manage your projects better, including Committed Costs Audit, Aged Work in Progress, Stored Material Audit, Over/Under Billings & more.


Financial Management

Comprehensive accounting and financial management features make it easy to create customised reports covering all subsidiaries, plus process multi-company, multi-currency transactions and consolidations. 

Streamline your entire cash flow, track purchase patterns, automate financial processes and more. Sage 300 helps you manage the efficiency and accuracy of your financial data, while keeping your management team happy with insightful information to base critical business decisions

Payables & Receivables

Perform rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement, & check reconciliation. Track purchase patterns & automate discounts, tax calculations, commissions & more for faster cash flow.

Budgeting & Planning

Meet your most demanding budgeting & processing needs, & maximise the accuracy of your financial data. Stores up to 99 years of financial data in your GL, & manage up to 10 account segments.

Multi-Company Management

Reduce the work needed for inter-company accounting for multiple entities. Easily set up multiple companies, close books, & report results by company or consolidated company.

Fixed Asset Management

Sage Asset Management can be added to give you total control over the entire fixed asset lifecycle while ensuring compliance.

System & Bank Reconciliation

With Sage 300 ERP, you can quickly & accurately reconcile your bank accounts & perform banking transactions with pinpoint accuracy.

Multi-Currency Management

Go global with more confidence. Maintain an unlimited number of currencies & exchange rate schedules, post gains/losses from currency fluctuations.

Automated Purchasing Management

No more tedious tracking of purchases on paper, or being overwhelmed by frequent enquiries on purchase statuses and payments. With Sage 300 ERP, you can streamline your purchasing processes and get the latest, accurate information you need for insightful decisions. At the same time, you can build stronger relationships with vendors while cutting costs.


Purchase Orders Module

Together with Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, & Order Entry, the PO module helps you automate the entire purchasing process & improve vendor relationships for reduced costs.


Simplify Inventory Control

Manage and track inventory shipments, receipts, adjustments, and returns in real time and across multiple locations, without added complexity.

You can also create reports about aged stock, slow-moving items, overstocked items and much more, helping you make profitable decisions about your stock.

Real-Time Insights

Make better business decisions in replenishing merchandise, pricing & discontinued items. Conduct trend analysis to best determine what’s selling & what to market.

Track Multiple Locations

Assert more control & deliver on time. Easily take charge of inventory receipts, shipments, returns, & adjustments with multi-location inventory tracking capabilities.

Faster, Accurate Fulfilment

Get real-time visibility on data like shipping information, returns, disposition of goods, & precise value.  You can also obtain detailed inventory information on demand.

Business Intelligence

Whether you're in the office or on site, Sage 300 ERP Business Intelligence give you a quick overview of key financial information. Stunning visuals make it easier to understand whether you need to act on a potential issues.

As an add-on module, Sage Business Intelligence extracts data from Sage 300 ERP and delivers it in an Excel format that allows you to design any type of report. By automating data collection and comparison, you're freed to focus on analysing and interpreting your data for informed business decisions.


Report Viewer

Run existing reports in real time when you want them. Results are delivered in Excel with the ability to drill down with the click of a button. Parameters can be set at the time of running your report.

Report Manager

Easily edit or create new reports to suit your business needs. Sort, drill, & aggregate your data, plus automatically distribute reports to anyone who needs them easily.

Report Designer

Choose from predefined layouts e.g. Income Statement, Trial Balance etc., & get maximum control over layouts. Reporting Trees also allow you to model a reporting structure & see your organization in different ways.


Better Customer Relationship Management

Serve your customers faster and better with Sage 300. An Outlook add-in syncs customer data in real-time from your Sage 300 system. Get key information at a glance, like credit information, average days to pay, price level, salesperson-in-charge, and internal notes.

Because Sage 300 brings together sales, finance, inventory, and more together, you can respond to customers with real-time stock levels. That also means less repetitive data entry.

Outlook 365 Integration

Access customer data in Sage 300 from any device that's running Outlook 365, in the Sage Contact Outlook add-in.

Order Entry Management

Enhance your productivity with extensive quote, new order, back order, cancellation, shipment, & prepayment capabilities.

UniSales Analyses

Define flexible inquiries, manage budgets, create charts, & print sales data in a way that makes sense for your organisation.

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