Neferti Slashes Tech Costs by 90% while Boosting Accuracy and Reporting Productivity

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About Neferti Pte Ltd

Neferti Pte Ltd is a beauty trading wholesaler. Named as one of Singapore’s fastest growing companies by The Straits Times in 2019, Neferti boasts an impressive revenue growth rate of 318%. They provide products from luxury brands like Gucci across ASEAN, Dubai etc.

Currently Using: Microsoft Dynamics NAV + Jet Reports + Tasklet

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The Problem

Neferti purchased Microsoft Dynamics NAV to replace MYOB. However, a botched setup by a former vendor complicated their database and workflows. Errors were frequent and frustrating, leading to support calls that cost S$4,000 a month.

Neferti needed a new vendor to set up NAV and add more reporting capabilities. This would support their rapid growth, compliance needs, and overseas partner expectations.

The Goal

  • Enhance data accuracy and create clearer audit trails
  • Standardise workflows for greater efficiencies
  • Improve financial and warehousing reporting capabilities
  • Improve mobile access for busy users on-the-go
  • Reduce time and financial costs spent on support calls
  • Maximise Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s powerful features

The Challenge

Neferti had a clear goal. To grow quickly in a sustainable manner, they needed a modern system that could scale with them. And since 50% of their business is in e-commerce, the new system also had to handle complex pricing processes for 5,000+ SKUs, plus meet strict compliance requirements from partners like Alibaba.

Neferti chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV to replace and supersede their MYOB and warehouse systems. Unfortunately, their vendor did a poor setup. This led to issues like:

  • Posting and reconciliation errors, leading to lost time and productivity
  • Configuration and workflows failed to match their running requirements
  • Messy database that complicated day-to-day operations and reporting
  • High expenses from frequent help-desk calls to the vendor

Frustrated, Neferti chose to restart the implementation process. After evaluating several Microsoft partners, the company decided on AFON:

"AFON was very willing to share advice on how our company's accounts setup should be done — even before we signed up with them. They also have accounting knowledge, which made me feel they're more experienced than other companies. I learnt a lot from them," says Rachel Shu, purchasing manager.

Neferti's re-implementation with AFON went smoothly and better than expected. This gave them the assurance to invest further in Jet Reports and Tasklet — reporting and mobile warehouse management tools through AFON. 

"Now with proper systems in place, everything's in order and organised. This helps people trust our brand over our competitors," adds Rachel. "Without good data, there's no way for us to keep growing our company quickly. NAV and AFON has helped in that regard."

The Result

Neferti gained significant reporting and data accuracy, while slashing ongoing tech costs to a fraction of what they used to pay. They also gained greater productivity, visibility, and consistency across their finance and operations, which in turn improved their brand reputation.

Reduction in Tech Costs
More Productive
Partner Satisfaction
“Without good data, there's no way for us to keep growing our company quickly. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AFON has helped us in that regard.”

Rachel Shu
Purchasing Manager, Neferti Pte Ltd

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