Over 30,000 organisations today use NetSuite. NetSuite is not only 10 times larger than the nearest competitor, its comprehensive functionality with industry support means NetSuite works just the way your business works in Singapore.



If you prefer avoiding the costs and hassle of maintaining infrastructure, NetSuite is the 'true' ERP software built for the Cloud from the ground-up. You get:

  • A Single, Integrated Platform Designed for the Cloud

    For ERP, CRM, HR, Professional Services and eCommerce

  • Additional In-built Features

    Like revenue recognition, professional service automation, consolidation. These are usually add-ons in other ERP systems

  • Excellent Internet Performance

    Compared to web-access on-premise client/server ERP systems, and fastest to rollout over multiple entities and countries

  • Low Upfront Costs and Data Security Benefits

    Pay only as you use, and get professional hosting in major cities

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  • End-to-end Visibility

    Real-time consolidated view of revenue, operating departments, business units and entities with NetSuite's One World

  • High Web-integration Touch Points

    Empowers organisations across multiple countries, especially trading, consultancy, and service organisations

  • Full-service Functionalities 

    Includes features for time tracking, expense reimbursement, project costing, defer/revenue recognition and more

  • Integrated Budgeting And Forecasting Tools 

    To better manage financial projections against actuals

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Because NetSuite’s built for the Cloud from the ground up, you enjoy reduced costs and greater convenience wherever you are in the world.

  • Pay-as-you-go Subscription

    Makes cash flow management and planning predictable and easier

  • Hassle-free System Upgrades and Backups

    Upgrades are seamless, as are your systems backup and data replication; no IT support is necessary

  • Fast Deployment Speed

    Does not require additional hardware, so you save time and money

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