Optimised Supply Chain Management

Refine demand planning, simplify procurement and vendor management, plus streamline support services like warranty registration, case tracking, and repairs with NetSuite.

Get a time-phased view of inventory levels with the option to drill down into subsidiaries and multiple locations. With that data, NetSuite will also help you refine your demand planning using calculation methods like historical trends, linear regression, moving/seasonal average, and more. 

Keep your customers satisfied with the help of NetSuite's fully integrated case and warranty management functionality, boosted by automated workflow capabilities for case assignments, escalation rules, warranty profile management, and repair work orders. Acquire NetSuite with AFON, an official partner of Oracle - NetSuite, today.

Comprehensive Collaboration

Take advantage of our platform and standard communication and portal technologies for comprehensive collaboration.

Plan for Demand with Confidence

Analyse demand, review sales forecasts, balance with current supply and create a plan.

Execute Plans with Ease

Execute your plan with ease—create all your purchase, transfer and work orders simply and effectively.

Automated Case Management

Automate your support functions with automated case management, issue tracking, warranty registration and repair.


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