Detailed Project Job Costing

Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) helps you keep projects profitable and on time thanks to detailed insights into project costs, expenses, resources, and more.

Sage 300's robust, highly-detailed Project Job Costing module helps you track, assign, plan, and analyse costs, estimates, resources, and more at every detail of multiple projects, so you can keep them profitable and on time. It's great for businesses with complex project accounting needs.

With Sage 300, you can assign estimate for unit costs, billing rate, and quantities to categories including subcontractors, equipment, labour, overheads and more. Built-in revenue recognition capabilities also give you a choice on how you want to account for your revenue, whether by category or total costs percentage, labour hours percentage, and more. 

Contract Maintenance

Easily assign staff, materials, vendors etc. to each project within the contract. Manage contracts or jobs to three levels—contract (job), project (phase), and category.

Project Maintenance

Maintain multiple projects or phases within each contract and track multiple categories within. Mix and match project types and accounting methods for simple
or complex projects.

Estimate & Cost Management

Set up complex estimates by specifying the quantity, unit cost,and billing rate allocated to the project. Track committed and actual quantities and costs with Purchase Order module.

Billing & Revenue Management

Select the accounting method for each project within the contract, like category cost percentage complete etc. Easily invoice customer by customer, contract, or project.

Inquiries & Statuses

Quickly review each project status through centralised inquiry capabilities. Assign multiple progress status categories to each project and contract.

Rapid Report Generation

Easily generate reports to manage your projects better, including Committed Costs Audit, Aged Work in Progress, Stored Material Audit, Over/Under Billings and more.

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