SAP HANA: High-Performance  for SAP Business One

A powerful alternative to Microsoft SQL,  SAP HANA is SAP's  in-memory database that lets you to unlock richer insights and features; giving your business a greater competitive edge.

Embrace the power of data and boost innovation by across your organisation with live, intelligent solutions for real-time decisions and actions. SAP HANA supports next-generation transactional and analytical processing through advanced analytics that run across hybrid and multicloud environments.

When you deploy SAP Business One on SAP HANA, you unlock extra HANA-exclusive features and real-time analytics tools including on-demand, ad-hoc reporting, and more.

Database Services

Take instant action using in-memory database services to process high-speed transactions and analytics. Manage large database volumes using multitenant database containers and dynamic tiering across multi-tier storage.

Advanced Analytics

Gain new insights from advanced analytics processing by leveraging in-memory data processing capabilities – text, predictive, spatial, graph, streaming, and time series – for answers to any business questions in real time.

App Development

Develop next-generation applications that combine analytics and transactions on any device. With best-in-class development tools, you can deliver personalised experiences with the right data served at the right time for users.

Data Access

Gain a complete and accurate view of your business by accessing data from any source. Access data where it’s located, integrate or replicate relevant data into SAP HANA, and ensure data quality to increase confidence in decision making.


Simplify system administration and IT operations with tools that help you monitor processes, ensure data and application security, and achieve continuous availability. Keep your business running smoothly and effectively anywhere.


Keep communications, data storage and application services secure with robust identity and access management controls. Rely on best-in-class security, patching, and encryption – and use a dashboard to monitor all KPIs related to security.

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