Q Industries Completes Customer Orders 70% Faster; Generates Reports Instantaneously

About Q Industries 

Q Industries & Trade Pte Ltd is a leading regional player in the provision of hospitality solutions. They specialise in the supply and distribution of operating supply equipment (OS&E) for commercial kitchens.

Founded in 1987, Q Industries boasts an extensive clientele in hospitality industries all over Asia, which includes some of the most prominent restaurants, hotels and bars in the region.

Currently Using: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) + Tasklet Mobile WMS

The Problem

Q Industries had a legacy 15-year-old ERP system that wasn't easily customisable. It also lacked a quotation module, which meant their staff had to spend time sifting through spreadsheets to find items for each RFQ, which usually starts at 500+ SKUs. This could take up to 5 days just to produce the first draft, impacting their competitiveness as a solutions provider.

Other issues revolved around warehouse management productivity and slow, tedious reporting for their management team. With such a gap between what they needed and what they had, it was only a matter of time before Q Industries started looking for a suitable replacement to give them the competitive edge they needed.

The Goal

  • A greatly-improved Request for Quotation (RFQ) process.
  • Real-time data consolidation and report generation, so management can gain better performance insights
  • Improved PO processes, for greater responsiveness to prospects
  • Ease of customisation to suit changing business needs.
  • Improved warehouse inventory management.

The Challenge

A family business that is transitioning to the next generation of leaders, Q Industries takes pride in supplying its hospitality and F&B clientele with top quality products and solutions, which include their in-house Quantum Pro brand of kitchen OS&E products. 

But with 10,000+ SKUs to offer, offices and warehouses to manage across the region, and a growing list of clientele across South-east Asia, India, Africa, and the Middle-East, their legacy ERP system could no longer effectively support their scale of operations.

Some problems they faced included:

  • The lack of a quotation module, which resulted in a manual RFQ process that was tedious and slow, especially when each quotation came with a min. of 500+ SKUs;
  • A complicated PO process that struggled to cope with large orders, as staff had to sift through multiple spreadsheets to find the right items and suppliers to fulfil such orders;
  • Inaccurate, tedious and slow reporting due to the inefficient RFQ and PO processes.
  • Warehouse inefficiencies due to staff spending time matching goods received to the customers they belonged to.

Q Industries put out a tender for a new ERP system to replace their legacy ERP, and eventually selected AFON as their ERP vendor of choice. They were recommended Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, as it met most of Q Industries’ needs.

“What set AFON apart from the rest is that not only did they understand our requirements, they even did some prototyping on their own initiative to find what is possible,” said Christophe Megel, the Executive Director. “They were able to give us a precise answer when we posed a technical question (for the RFQ), and that feels good, because we know we were talking to real professionals in the field.”

After the implementation of Business Central, “the office was on fire”, he adds. “There was excitement in the air, as everyone was eager to see what our new ERP system could do.”

The implementation reaped dividends for Q Industries, automating their business processes to the point that they reduced the time spent per project from start to completion by up to 70%.

More importantly, this has freed their team to spend more time thinking about how to source for intelligent, creative solutions for their prospects. This new competitive edge has helped them clinch several large deals since.

With the integration of the mobile warehousing app Tasklet into Business Central, Q Industries also saw time savings in their warehouses, as their staff could take advantage of on-the-go visibility of their inventory.

Q Industries has been very satisfied with the results, and are continuing their partnership with AFON to coordinate the Business Central project at their Vietnam branch.

The Result

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Q Industries enjoyed vast time savings thanks to automated data consolidation and report generation.

Time Reduced From Receiving Customer Orders to Completion
Speed of Quotation Generation
Time Spent on Report Generation
Quantum Pro Pots & Pans
“It wasn’t a situation where a professional was dealing with a rookie, which would’ve meant dealing with a lot of pressure points. It went well on both sides because both AFON and our team were experienced. I knew exactly what could or couldn’t be done throughout the process.”
Christophe Megel

Christophe Megel
Executive Director, Q Industries

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