Cloud-Managed Services

Take your business on the Cloud with AFON's Cloud services. Our Microsoft Gold-certified team can help you save costs and boost efficiency.

Reap the Benefits of the Cloud with AFON

Host your ERP system in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's leading Cloud platform. Our in-house team of Microsoft consultants will help you monitor, alert, and report on metrics such as system integrity, data usage etc daily for proactive problem correction. We'll also manage critical business data backups and restoration in the Cloud, so your business stays up at all times. 

In addition, we offer Office 365 set up services, for a seamless integration across your Office essentials and ERP applications.

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Cloud Setup & Management Services

Host your on-premise ERP system in the Cloud and enjoy flexibility plus anytime, anywhere access. You also get maintenance, monitoring, and data backup/ recovery managed for you.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Platform

Move your applications and business data to Azure, Microsoft's Cloud platform, and save on hardware plus data storage costs. With Azure, you can also enable remote access for your employees.

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Microsoft Office 365 Setup Services

Buy the Cloud-based version of these everyday essentials through us and we'll help you set it up. Because it's subscription-based, you also pay less upfront, and get the latest versions every time.

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