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What To Expect From The Latest Continia Expense Management Update: November 2022


To give users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central a way to manage their business travel expenses without having to navigate to another platform, Continia offers an Expense Management app that is designed to integrate and work with the cloud ERP software.

Continia also occasionally updates the app with new features and improvements, to keep it the integrated solution of choice for travel expense management for Business Central users.


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Here, you’ll find all the details about the improvements and enhancements that the latest updates have brought to Continia Expense Management.


But First, What Is Continia Expense Management?


Continia’s Expense Management app is an end-to-end solution that’s built directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It streamlines and automates daily expenses, mileage, and per diem management, giving you a seamless user experience when managing your employees’ business travel expenses.

It comes with a dedicated mobile app which makes it easy for your business travellers to report their travel expenses on-the-go. The Expense Management app also allows for quick configuration and a comprehensive administrator overview, thanks to its direct integration with Business Central.

Continia Expense Management also offers a smooth approval process and tight integration with Google Maps and major credit card providers, and it allows you to directly import your employees’ credit card spending and automatically link them with a registered receipt. This makes it the last word in expense management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Now, let’s take a look at the highlights of the latest update for Continia Expense Management


(November 2022) Introducing SmartScan For Continia Expense Management

Continia is constantly striving to optimise the time you spend on the expense management process. With the introduction of SmartScan for the Expense app, expense reporting is even easier than ever.

SmartScan is now available for both future and existing customers for the Expense Management app. Continia is currently working on adding SmartScan to the Expense Portal, and will make it available to users like yourself soon.


What Is SmartScan?

It’s a brand-new feature that Continia recently added to the Expense app to help free up more of your time. It uses cutting-edge OCR technology to capture and recognise data from receipts scanned by your business travellers, and automatically fills in the information for you.


How Does SmartScan Work?

Source: Continia

When your employee is out on a business trip, they can use the Expense app to take pictures of their receipts.

SmartScan then automatically captures and recognizes the data in these receipts, and fills in the amount, currency, date, and description fields for each of these receipts. It can also identify data in PDF files attached to an expense, such as from an email.

Regardless of the country of origin, SmartScan will work on any type of receipts.


What Does It Cost?

There are two ways SmartScan is priced, depending on how Continia Expense Management is hosted;

On-premises: All on-premises licenses will automatically include 1,000 SmartScans per year. Each additional SmartScan above this will incur an extra charge.

Cloud: The Essential Module comes with unlimited SmartScans at no additional cost.


AFON Is An Award-winning Partner For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

As an award-winning partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we at AFON can help you set up and integrate various third-party apps with the ERP software, including Continia Expense Management.

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