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Webinar Highlights - Intro to Production in Tasklet Factory's Mobile WMS for Business Central


Tasklet Factory is one of the partners we often work closely with to extend value to our ERP software customers.

Recently they held a webinar showcasing their new production module in their mobile warehouse management solution (Mobile WMS).

If you're using or are planning to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in your company, we've summarised a few highlights of their webinar in the post below. 

Prefer to Watch the Webinar for Yourself? Click Here to Watch Full Webinar Recording From Tasklet Factory


But First, What's So Good About Tasklet Factory's WMS?

Tasklet's Mobile WMS is a mobile barcode scanning solution that's specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 products.

In Business Central's case, Mobile WMS integrates directly with the standard functionality in Business Central. This enables your users to optimise your warehouse processes on-the-go, offline or online.

With their new production module, your Production employees can also handle the entire process from receiving components at your warehouses, to registering consumption, time, and output into inventory via mobile.

They can do so without having to directly access the ERP software something that's only possible because it's modelled on the production journal in Business Central,


Tasklet Factory's Mobile WMS Is One Of Many Third-party Integrations That Can Extend The Functionalities Of Your ERP Software. Click Here To See More Of Them.


Webinar Highlights Of The Production Module In Mobile WMS

1. POs Created In Business Central Are Instantly Reflected In Mobile WMS

Production Order With Line

Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

When you create a PO within Business Central, it will also be automatically reflected in Mobile WMS, along with details such as quantity, location, routes, and starting date/time.


2. Easy 'Pick and PO' Feature In Mobile WMS

Tasklet WMS - See The Bins You Are Picking From

Pick Order Lines in Mobile WMS

The Pick Feature in Mobile WMS through the Production Module allows you to seamlessly register components that are to be collected from the warehouse and consumed for your POs.


3. Consumed Components Registered In Mobile WMS Shown In Business Central - No Extra Steps Needed

Tasklet WMS - Display Items Consumed

Consume Items in Mobile WMS

After you use the mobile device to scan the required components, they will be immediately registered as consumed on Mobile WMS, and subsequently reflected within Business Central, thus improving your time savings and inventory accuracy within your ERP system.


4. You Can Use Move Orders In Mobile WMS

Tasklet WMS - Inventory Move Orders

Move Orders in Mobile WMS

You can also view and manage your inventory movement orders within Mobile WMS as well for faster tracking, visibility, and accountability on-the-go.


5. Registering Output, Time, And Scrap In Mobile WMS

Tasklet WMS - Shows registered output_1000

Business Central displays output registered in Mobile WMS

Once you’re done with the PO, you can choose the option to Register Output. Here, you get three options at the bottom of the screen:

  • Register Output
  • Register Time
  • Register Scrap

The second option allows you to register the setup time and run time involved in the production process, while the third option lets you register the scrap materials produced from the process.

After you’ve registered your output through the Production Module, it will also be reflected in the production journal in Business Central.


6. Printing Item Labels Through Mobile WMS

Tasklet WMS - Print Item Label-1

Print Item Labels in Mobile WMS

Last but not least, you can use your mobile device to print the corresponding labels for your items.


Integrating Warehousing And Production With Mobile WMS

Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS solution is just one of several options we work with to expand our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central value offering to our customers. 


Mobile WMS Is One Of Many Tools Which Business Central Offers For Inventory Management. Here Are Four Tips For Managing Your Inventory With The ERP Software.


To find out more about how Tasklet Factory's Mobile WMS can optimise your warehouse processes and achieve time savings for your business, you can drop us a note here.

Alternatively, take a look at Q Industries (one of our Microsoft Business Central customers who uses Tasklet Factory's Mobile WMS) success story by clicking on the image below.

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