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What To Expect From The Latest Sage 300 Update: 2022 Update For Sage 300 ERP And Sage 300cloud


Disclaimer: At the time of announcement, this update release was intended for Sage 300 users in the North American region.

The Sage 300 2022 update was announced for the North American market in August, and will presumably be available for end users in Asia like yourself at a later date.

With the 2022 update, you’ll see improvements for the Web Screen in Sage 300cloud, desktop screen improvements for the on-premises Sage 300 ERP software, and general improvements across both solutions.

Let’s look at the improvements that come with the 2022.0 update in detail.

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Sage 300cloud Web Screen Improvements

With the 2022.0 update, Sage 300cloud will receive new web screens that will help it achieve greater parity with the desktop screens of the on-premise Sage 300 ERP software.

These include the following web screens;

  • The new Reminder List web screen, which you can use to remind end users to process any scheduled tasks
  • A new General Ledger (G/L) Chart of Accounts web screen, which you can use to list accounts in the G/L, and view specific information in each account.
  • A new Accounts Receivable (A/R) Customer List web screen, which you can use to extract information about your customers from your business’s database.

It also includes select web screens for Project and Job Costing, such as

  • Cost Types
  • Opening Balances
  • Costs
  • Material Returns
  • Material Usage
  • Material Allocation
  • Post Transactions
  • Transaction Listing Reports

With the 2022 update, the Finder has also been redesigned to improve filtering, making it easier to navigate through large sets of search results.

These improvements in filtering include;

  • Filtering option set to “Show all records” by default, allowing users to view previous and next records
  • Persistent filtering sets the same criteria you previously used for the Finder for future searches.
  • Additional filtering options makes it easier to highlight the first and last records.
  • The size of the Finder can be changed to make finding records easier.
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through results and select records more easily.


Sage 300 ERP Desktop Screen Improvements

The 2022 update also comes with improvements for the desktop screens of the on-premise Sage 300 ERP software.

Here are some of these improvements;

  • Sage Financial Reporter now supports Microsoft Excel 64-bit. This means that you can now seamlessly use the G/L Financial Reporter with either 32-bit or 64-bit Excel.
  • Sage Contact App, which was used for viewing and managing Sage 300 customer information within Microsoft Outlook, will no longer be supported.


General Improvements For Both Sage 300 ERP And Sage 300cloud

There are also general improvements that apply to both Sage 300 ERP, as well as Sage 300cloud.

These improvements are as follows;

Purchase Order Improvements

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You can now enter negative amounts for costs in the Additional Costs tab, when entering a credit note on the Purchase Order (P/O) Credit/Debit Note Entry screen. These negative additional costs will be recorded as debits when you run day-end processing.

Two new buttons are available on the Order tab of the P/O Purchase Order Entry screens. These allow you to easily set the Arrival Date, or the Location, for all details on a P/O.

Order Entry Improvements

Source: YouTube


Another two new buttons are also available on the Order tab of the O/E Order Entry screen.

These allow you to easily set the Expected Ship Date, or the Location, for all details on an order.

Reserver LanPak User Licenses

Source: YouTube

You can now reserve one or more LanPak licenses for a user or any 3rd party product, with the “Reserve a LanPak License” option on the Users screen.

Because a reserved LanPak user license can only be used by the user for whom it’s reserved, this reduces the total number of licenses that can be used by other users.

Bank Feeds Improvements

Improvements to Bank Feeds can be found on the “Reconcile E-statements” screen. In addition, when automatically reconciling transactions from a bank feed, the system now tries to match transactions in more ways than it previously did.

In addition, bank transactions that were downloaded using a bank feed will not have a Bank Cleared Date, which is based on your local time.

Sage Data & Analytics Menu

With the 2022 update, you’ll have new options to start Sage Data & Analytics from within either Sage 300 ERP or Sage 300cloud.

In the desktop screens of the Sage 300 ERP software, the Sage Data & Analytics icon can be found on the desktop ribbon.

As for the web screens of Sage 300cloud, you can open it using the Business Intelligence Reporting tab on the navigation menu.


Questions About The 2022 Update For Sage 300 ERP And Sage 300cloud?

The 2022 update brings a wide range of improvements for both the on-premise Sage 300 ERP software, as well as the cloud-based Sage 300cloud.

Apart from general overall improvements to the features and functionalities of the ERP software, this update also includes specific updates which improves the usability of Sage 300cloud web screens, as well as Sage 300 ERP desktop screens.

If you'd like a refresher on the updates that were previously introduced with the 2020 Product Update 2 for Sage 300cloud, click on the image below.


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What To Expect From The Latest Sage 300 Cloud Update: 2020 Update 2

The Sage 300cloud 2020 Product Update 2, which was released back in April 2020, has recently been made available users in Asia like yourself earlier this month.

With the 2020 Product Update 2 (PU2), you’ll see several enhancements for Sage 300cloud that improves the Web Screen including the ability to assign different colours, as well as other miscellaneous enhancements to the cloud-based ERP software’s functionalities.


For Some Other Ways To Make Your Life Easier While Using Sage 300, Take A Look At Our Tips And Tricks Here.


Do note that the changes that come with the PU2 update applies only to the cloud-based Sage 300cloud, and is not applicable to the on-premise Sage 300 software. Some of the enhancements in PU2 will also not be applicable for users in Asia.

Let’s get into the details of the enhancements that PU2 has brought to Sage 300cloud.


Web Screen Improvements

The majority of the enhancements that come with Sage 300cloud PU2 are specifically intended to improve the Web Screen, and thus provide a better user experience for yourself and the end users in your business.

Here are the following enhancements to the Web Screen:

Entering Long Comments And Instructions For Order Details

Order Entry Screen Old

Overview of O/E Order Entry screen. Source: Sage

Prior to PU2, if you wanted to input long comments or instructions to the Order Details section in the O/E Order Entry screen of Sage 300cloud, you had to endure the time-consuming process of entering multiple rows within a table for that purpose.

Comments Instructions Box

Overview of Comments/Instructions field. Source: Sage

However, Sage 300cloud has reworked the O/E Order Entry screen to include a new text box, which you can now use to enter information into the Comments/Instructions field. This means you no longer have to split your information into multiple rows, saving you a lot of effort and time.


Specifying BOM Numbers on Order Details

Kit BOM Field

Overview of Kit/BOM field in Order Details. Source: Sage

The Order Details section also now comes with a new field, Kit/BOM. This means that when you’re entering an order detail for a Bill of Materials (BOM), you can now specify a BOM number in the Kit/BOM field.


Setting Up Company Colours

Company Colours

Overview of Company Colours. Source: Sage

Sage 300cloud now comes with the Company Colours feature, which was already available before with the Desktop application for Sage 300. This feature will prove especially useful if you’re managing multiple business entities at once through Sage 300cloud.

By assigning a unique colour to each of your business entities, you’ll find it much easier to differentiate between your various entities, and thus avoid making any manual data entry errors due to misidentification of which business entity you’re currently managing.


UK VAT Reporting Enhancements

If your business or subsidiary is Value-added Tax (VAT) registered in the United Kingdom (UK) market, you’re required to follow the rules of the Making Tax Digital (MTD) tax reporting platform, which involves the use of digital records and software to submit your VAT returns.

With PU2, Sage 300cloud now integrates General Ledger (G/L) and Tax Services, so that you can now enter tax amounts in your G/L journal entries. These amounts are then posted to Tax Services, so that they’ll show up in the Tax Tracking, G/L Batch Listing, and G/L Posting Journals reports.

This change will automate the compliance of your business with UK VAT regulations, making it easier for you to submit and store your tax returns to the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) via the MTD platform.


Enable Language Resources Self-Management For ISVs/DPPs

If you’re an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or a participant in Sage’s Development Partner Programme (DPP), you’ll now be able to localise the Web Screen for languages that are not currently supported by Sage 300cloud.


Questions About Sage 300cloud's 2020 Product Update 2?

The enhancements that Sage 300cloud’s 2020 Product Update 2 bring to the table are primarily focused around improving the user-friendliness of the Web Screen in several ways, focused mostly on the O/E Order Entry screen.

While PU2 is not particularly comprehensive as updates to features go, the enhancements it does provide should provide a somewhat easier and less frustrating user experience for you and your end users.

If you'd like to learn more about the 2020 Product Update 2 for Sage 300cloud, click on the banner below to learn more about the enhancements that it brings to the table.

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