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Enabling Growth for F&B Businesses

Food and Beverage (F&B) is one of the most vibrant and thriving industries in Singapore. Yet many F&B businesses face furious competition and notoriously thin margins daily.

To compete effectively, they need to operate at full capacity and overcome challenges like: Point-of Sales integration, central kitchen management, inventory control, food wastage and trace-ability, outlet procurement and more. 

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AFON's ERP Solutions for Your F&B Business

At AFON, we've helped many F&B businesses boost visibility and control over quality management, traceability, costs, and more, through innovative ERP solution deployments and integrations. Our F&B industry solutions include:

Centralised Distribution

Respond to customer demand faster. Manage distribution of central kitchen stock to all your outlets from a single point.

Centralised Purchasing

Simplify the process of managing purchase requisitions from your outlets, and reduce procurement costs plus time-to-deliver.

POS Integration

Easily integrate your ERP and POS systems, so you'll know how your outlets are performing without having to wait days for the data.

Accelerated Reporting

Make smarter decisions. ERP systems can speed up reporting and give you insights into performance metrics like sales, profit/loss, cost, etc. per outlet.

Greater Stock Control

Avoid food wastage with enhanced, real-time inventory traceability. Track items from end to end, by batch/lot number, expiry date, and more.

Simplified Compliance

Stay compliant with industry regulations, through improved inventory tracing down to ingredients and accelerated reporting.

Free Resources for Decision-Making

Learn how your industry peers benefit from ERP. Choose from a free collection of eBooks, case studies, videos, and more.