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Assessing Your SMB's ERP Readiness

Take our test before you make the big decision to shift to a new ERP system or to implement a solution for the first time

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According to a recent ERP report, 47% of the organisations surveyed were in the process of or have completed implementing ERP software. As a start-up or SMB, you might be doing well using a basic accounting or inventory software, but once your company hits a specific growth wall, it can become difficult to keep up with growing business needs. Your operations need to become more efficient and streamlined so your business can meet its full potential.

Taking an ERP readiness assessment can help determine whether your current system is on the verge of becoming outdated and understand the next best course of action.

ERP software is a fundamental component of any large organisation’s business processes; but given the challenges faced in day-to-day operations, many small and medium-sized businesses can easily ignore even the most obvious red flags and emerging business problems.

How long does it take to gain access to critical business information? If a report request means that the team needing several days to be able to pull the data together and generate the documents, rather than just minutes, your business is definitely missing out. Or perhaps you are struggling to get real-time visibility over your inventory across multiple locations, causing data inconsistencies and inaccuracies across the organisation.

It is issues like these that means there’s never a better time to assess ERP readiness, especially if you are a fast-growing business.

Timing is everything – and it is the combination of the right ERP system at the right time, that is key.  So why not find out if your business is ready to move by completing our free ERP readiness assessment? In 10 simple steps, our assessment is designed to help identify any shortfalls in your current business processes and highlight opportunities for improvement.

In just 3 minutes, AFON IT’s quick and easy test will provide the reassurance you need.

What You Will Receive After Completing the Assessment:


A report outlining how effective your businesses processes are


The value an ERP system will bring for your business


Recommended steps for next actions to take


Software suggestions to take your accounting system to the next level

Evaluate Your ERP Requirements


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